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Anybody can invest whatever amount of money they have, keep a keen eye on it and gain returns afterwards. A few thousand dollars coupled with the right information from the investing articles, should make you wealthier. Here are a few suggestions on how to make the most out of your finances.


Gold being a precious metal offers an investment opportunity. Investors can purchase gold as a harbor against financial, political or social crises e.g. Inflation, currency failures, swelling national debt etc.

The gold market, like other markets, is also subject to speculations through the use of derivatives and future contracts. You can therefore trade your gold during times of economic weakness.

The main ways of investing in gold are;

Direct ownership - remember, gold is the real money whose value cannot be controlled by the government.

Gold Exchange Traded funds - this is a kind of mutual fund that trades on the stock exchange in a manner similar to the ordinary stocks.

Gold mutual funds - meant for people who are hesitant towards investing in physical gold. The funds hold portfolios of stocks of gold of mining companies.

Junior gold stock- are exploration plays with the potential for getting higher profits but also presents greater risks

Gold options and futures - allows sophisticated investors to speculate gold prices


Investing in bonds simply means lending money to a company or government. Bonds are issued for a period of time and interest paid to the holders. The amount of return depends on the interest rates and determined by the bond issuer at the time the bond is issued.

At the expiry of the fixed period, also known as maturity date, the issuer repays the face value of the bond (the actual loan).


Bonds are a more predictable investment option than the stocks as they guarantee consistent income.

Sometimes, they can also outperform the returns from stocks depending on several factors of the stock market


Due to their stable nature, their long term return potential is often less compared to stocks

They are subject to various risks that include repayment risk, credit risk and interest rate risk


This is an employer sponsored retirement plan. It offers employees a chance to save and invest part of their salary before the tax deduction. If you go for a 401k, you get the opportunity to have a say on how you money is invested. Most of the plans offer a variety of mutual funds composed of bonds, stocks and money markets.


You can start a business of your choice using some of the money you have in order to gain some income. It is important to do a thorough research before deciding to settle for any venture. Go for areas with unfulfilled demands and provide quality services or goods.

The amount of returns depends upon many factors e.g. capital invested, prevailing market conditions, input etc.

Bank deposits

Another way of investing your money that most the investing articles will not miss is through banks. They provide accounts that offer depositors chance to earn low but guaranteed fixed income. The rates of returns are fixed.

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